Swallowed a fly.

There was an old lady who swallowed a fly. I don't know why she swallowed that fly, perhaps she'll die.

At last count I owned 123 cookbooks and there are some I have never even used. Have set the challenge of cooking at least 5 recipes from each book and am using this blog to track my progress.

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It was -2 when I woke up today so obviously a tropical juice is just what you want for breakfast. Aaahhh, the things I do to complete this blog! 
Juices and Tonics gave us the recipe for apricot, berry and orange juice and it was a really enjoyable drink despite the weather. It was very simple to make - just blending 8 apricots, 8 strawberries and the juice of two oranges. 
At 297 calories this would be a great breakfast when you’re on the go, will try it again in warmer weather.
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I love the look of this dish, the colour of the capsicums and pistachios work really well together. The recipe is parsley, oregano and date chicken with pistachio dust and it comes from the Gourmet Garden book Middle Eastern. 
It only took about 15 minutes to make and will keep it in regular rotation for an easy mid week meal. The only change I made to the recipe was to use whole pistachios instead of a pistachio dust as bambino needed some attention! 
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Have you ever been to a food-specific food fair? Kennett Square, Pennsylvania is home to the mushroom festival and they claim to be the ‘mushroom capital of the world’. Don’t know what that says about the locals, but will leave you to draw your own conclusions.
The Best Recipes from America’s Food Festivals gave us the Kennett Square Cream of Mushroom Soup and I must say it tasted pretty darn good. I couldn’t find all of the mushrooms they suggested but used a medley of button, black fungus, enoki and button mushrooms. 
And lucky me, I’ll always be reminded of this recipe as I went to blend it without closing the lid properly and now this cookbook is filled with specks of mushrooms.
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It was another freezing day here so I made tomato soup for dinner from the Australian Cooking of Today book. I thought this recipe used too much milk and would have preferred a more stronger tomato flavour and red colour to the soup. 
Was a little excited to put some fresh basil on the top though. I am sick of constantly buying herbs so have decided to grow my own in kitchen - starting off with coriander and basil, the two that never seem to survive in my outdoor veggie patch. 
I like how I phrased that, it suggests that it may be the outdoors that is the problem rather than the general neglect on my part that will also prove to be a problem with indoor plants as the fern in my dining room knows. 
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This photo does not do the meal justice. I really enjoyed it but it looks quite dull and mushy here. The recipe was eggplant oregano and chick pea tagine from the Morocco section of the Gourmet Garden Middle Eastern cookbook. 
The recipe was lovely and sweet and had a great flavour thanks to the moroccan seasoning, dates and orange zest. 
I got this cookbook free from the supermarket when I bought some herbs and I noticed that it says “volume 4” on the cover. I also have the Asian cookbook in the series and both are just fantastic. I have emailed the company to see what the other titles in the series were and if they can still be obtained anywhere as I would love to complete the collection.  
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You can always rely on Bill Granger to deliver a great breakfast and mushrooms on toast from bills food was no exception. It was a simple dish to make, but the addition on tarragon, lemon zest and balsamic made it that bit tastier than I would think to do myself. Perfect with a cup of Lady Grey. 
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Everyone deserves an afternoon treat every now and again and today’s treat were the veryberry cakes from The Women’s Weekly Cupcakes book. I am yet to make a recipe from this book that I haven’t liked, they have all turned out so well. 
The cupcake base was a standard one with the inclusion of almonds and dried cranberries and then the icing was a cream cheese frosting. I attempted some sugared blackberries on top, but let’s just say that I don’t think David Jones will be hiring me for their Christmas treats anytime soon with that effort! 
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Entertaining with a newborn leads me to recipes that are simple, can be made in stages and can be made in advance. So lunch today was french onion soup with gruyere croutons from The Women’s Weekly Winter Favourites. 
I must admit that this is my least favourite of the versions of french onion soup that I have made (recipe #537 being my favourite) but it tasted ok. I particularly liked the thyme on the croutons and have decided I prefer versions of french onion soup where you strain the soup and don’t end up with the chunks of onion. 
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The next trip in The Edible Atlas takes us to Morocco where we try pumpkin ‘tagine’. Author Mina Holland is quick to point out that this is actually not tagine nor a kedra and in keeping with naming things after the vessel they are cooked in, could just be called pumpkin saucepan. But that doesn’t have the same ring to it does it? 
This dish started off in a promising manner, with saffron, cinnamon and nutmeg but it quickly went downhill as it ended up tasting like mushy pumpkin with some random bits of green. I used kale as I am all about the superfoods but not even that saved it.